Microsoft Dynamics CRM meets the changing expectations of customers with a service solution that is robust and flexible. Users find familiar functionality and an interface that let them work in a personal, natural way. This intelligent solution informs customer service professionals with guidance that is insightful and actionable. The result is a connected, collaborative, and integrated organization.


Proven End-To-End Solutions that Simplify and Customize SAP ERP.GuiXT solution suites enable users to streamline SAP processes without complicated and expensive ABAP and Java programming.
GuiXT technology is integrated with the SAP GUI environment. This enables an organization to customize transaction screens to the restricted requirements of specific jobs, while leaving essential SAP coding untouched.


TBarCode/SAPwin is the flexible bar code solution for SAP ERP, R/3 and mySAP ERP in Windows environments – both for local and for network printers.By using TBarCode/SAPwin you can print all common bar codes on all Windows printers. You can avoid special equipment like bar code cartridges, bar code fonts or barcode printers.TBarCode/SAPwin can be used with SAPscript, ABAP and SmartForms. All predefined forms in SAP are supported.